Sunrise over the Wheat Field

The Wake Up Experience, is matching their artistry with activism. By pulling together the Worldwide Vegan Community (with over 120 vegans) they have created a powerful music video, delivering a beautifully inspiring plea for a Vegan world. With the song’s intro, “7 billion beings needing freeing,” The Wake Up Experience dedicates “NU HUMAN” to all 7.7 billion people on the planet.


Blue Skies

Blakcballin’, The Wake Up Experience’s lead humanitarian music video, critiques the very idea of race. The subject matter is heavy, calling to task everything from police brutality, white supremacy, and cultural appropriation, to the downfall of Black liberation leaders like Fred Hampton and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In classic Wake Up fashion and by journey’s end, the resounding message is a call to LOVE and Oneness... Ain’t It ‘Bout Time?!


Blakcballin Workshop Final Page.png